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Electric Driveway Gates - Above automation systems. Through experience in supplying and installing underground systems, we now recommend two kits based on the gate material and design. A full panelled gate (such as hardwood or metal framed and cladded) creates a "sail" effect. Therefore, the motors have to be strong enough to open and close in the windiest of conditions. With such force being applied, not only does the gate strength in certain points need to be increased but also (and most importantly) the safety of the system needs to be paramount. Therefore, the automation system used needs to be able to detect an obstruction and return without crushing. Unfortunately, there are a lot of kits available on the market that don't - so they may seem good value but stay clear. Additional safety edge systems can also be used along with extra photocells - for more information and advice, call our sales team. 

Full installation and fitting available.

FAAC 415L for Hardwood and Wrought Iron Gates:

  • Max width per leaf of 4m (8m total)

  • Available with limit switches or without, in standard or long versions

  • The LS operators are equipped with opening and closing limit switches to manage slowdown and stopping points

  • The non reversing system ensures the gate is mechanically locked when the motor is not running

  • A convenient and secure release system makes it possible to manually move the gate in the event of power failure

  • The 24Vdc power supply guarantees the highest security

  • The aluminium body is completely double coated, guaranteeing high resistance to atmospheric agents

  • A horizontal cable exit is useful for installations near to the ground

  • There is also an optional rod protective housing available for the standard 300mm models

Need to find a gate design? see...

BFT LUX FB 2C for Metal Framed Timber Cladded Gates:

  • Above ground operator for residential swing-leaf gates with leaf of width of 2m per side (4m opening in total).

  • Max weight 600kg (300kg per leaf)

  • In case of emergency, manual operation is assured by a special lever release system with customised key, accessible from both inside and outside.

  • Opening/ closing hydraulic system

  • max 117 degree opening angle

  • Operation cycle time of 17 seconds

  • Max 500 operations per 24 hours

  • Protection rating IP57

  • Easy maintenance. 

Need to find a gate design? see...

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