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There's a huge range of different wireless intercom systems on the market with bundles of features for you to choose from. However, for most customers, as long as the system looks good and has standard functionality, this is usually enough. Therefore, we recommend two systems - both wireless which saves on installation costs.

Full installation and fitting available.


  • 3 year Manufacturer Warranty

  • Wireless system - reduced cost installation compared with wired intercom systems

  • Sleek, aluminium finish

  • Wireless interior handset

  • Back-lit outdoor caller unit with keypad and badge reader

  • Lithium powered for endurance

  • Up to 400m range (based on open field)

  • Lithium powered or mains plug in interior handset

  • Surface mounted


  • Manufacturer backed warranty

  • Modern and sleek design - stainless steel frame with black acrylic front

  • Full back-lit outdoor caller unit

  • Wireless system - reduced cost installation compared with wired intercom systems.

  • Full video streamed for HD quality camera

  • Answer and open gates direct from handset or mobile phone

  • Open and close via mobile - even without being in the same Country

  • Up to 4 handsets per household with internal call system between handset.

  • 7 day scheduled planning allows you to set times to open and close your gate 

  • Free Android and iPhone Apps for easy control

  • Wireless connection to WiFi with a range of 60m

  • Lithium powered

Daitem SC902AU
AES Predator
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