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Electric Gates - Sliding automation systems. Through experience in supplying and installing sliding systems, we now recommend one kit to cover all needs, the BFT Ares 1000.

24 V sliding gates operator for intensive use, up to 1000 Kg in weight. Leaf speed up to 9 m/min. Magnetic limit switch and control board with U-link protocol embedded. BFT 24V technology ensures optimum performance with a precise adjustment of slowdown in closing and opening. Safety is another key aspect, ensuring the immediate stopping and reversal of movement in the presence of obstacles. The efficiency of the technology is a guarantee of the product's reliability.

Full installation and fitting available.

BFT ARES 1000 for Electric Sliding Gates:

  • Underground operator for residential swing-leaf gates with leaf of width of 2.5m per side (5m opening in total).

  • Max weight of 500kg.

  • As it is installed below the surface, it does not change the appearance of the gate.

  • Anti-crushing protection is ensured by an electronic device installed on the control board, which directly controls drive torque.

  • In case of emergency, manual operation is assured by a special lever release system with customised key, accessible from both inside and outside.

  • Corrosion-proof coating highly resistant to atmospheric agents, absolute weather -proofing, operator in protection class IP 67 all these are plus points in addition to the undoubted advantages of long life and safety assured by FAAC’s electro-mechanical technology.

  • Easy maintenance. When maintenance is necessary the operator can be simply removed from the foundation box without removing the gate leaf.

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