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 Hardwood Gates - The Pettswood

Based on an average sized driveway gate of 10ft (3m 048mm) wide x 6ft (1m 830mm) high. Including oil finish and complete hinge set.


Installation charges* (if required - excludes gate cost)

Non automated:

  • Option 1: Hang on existing posts/ pillars: £620

  • Option 2: Fit posts and hang gates: £920

Automation**: (includes automation kit)

  • Option 1: Above Ground: £3800

  • Option 2: Below Ground: £5100

* Subject to site survey. Additional costs may apply, dependent on ground type (inc slopes etc). 

**Prices based on power cable being supplied at post/ pillar.

£150 charge for site visit - reduced from order value.

Description | Made to Measure | Installation

Hardwood gates, handcrafted in the UK from the finest Iroko timber. Constructed using traditional time served techniques such as mortise, tenon and dowel jointed. Deep 70mm x 70mm frames combined with thick, hand selected timber for durability and elegance.


Made to measure with sizes from 6ft to 20ft wide and 3ft to 7ft high.



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